Vierfontein Voerkraal, founded by Dudley and Sonette Myburgh in 2015, is a diverse and dynamic farming operation with the primary focus being on the feedlot itself and backrounding of the cattle prior to the feedlot.

Vierfontein Voerkraal is situated in the Edenville district in the Free State.

The operating point is on the farm Vierfontein, 46 km from Kroonstad and 10 km from Edenville.

Vierfontein Voerkraal has the capacity to contain 14000 cattle in the feedlot as approved by the rules and regulations pertaining to the impact study that was done in 2013.

What We Do

Vierfontein Voerkraal’s main objective is performance driven. We ensure that every livestock that is under our care and management in and out the feedlot will give enormous growth in revenue for the contracted client.

Vierfontein Voerkraal includes units such as Baby Beefs (specials), Backrounding of Precons as well as C-Grade livestock. With our care and responsibility comes also machinery of top quality, a 24/7 feeding schedule, safety and security databases for your livestock, quality control measurements of records, medication and an analysis of growth and mortality rates through our traceability system, as well as a comprehensive analysis of an autopsy.

Our Projects and Timelines

The Baby Beefs are cattle under 150 kg and graze in nearby fields around the feedlot.

We make use of a higher protein ratio feeding schedule and the timeline consists of 100-150 days and hereafter to the feedlot. Backrounding consist of calves between 150kg – 200kg and graze in fields for 30-100 days.

Precons Adaptation is calves between 200kg -280kg which graze 14-30 days in fields. C-Grade cattle will graze in fields for about 50-60 days.

Feedlot Bulls are on a feeding cycle of 100-126 days where Zilmax is included, whereas feedlot cows are on a feeding cycle of 100-120 days with the use of Zilmax as well.


We make use of the Cattle Management System (CMS) as well as a full traceability system and the Data we receive from the software includes:

  • Purchase Data
  • Consumer Data
  • Prices
  • The Mix that was used
  • The medicine that was used
  • Weight Intensification
  • Slaughter Data
  • We make use of custom feeding since 2015, we do extensive trails to improve profitability and we have expertise of over 20 years in our team.
  • Vierfontein Voerkraal provides raw materials and medicine at cost price
  • Invoicing will be done on the forage and medicine used
  • Stock is our responsibility and waste of forage is our accountability
  • Our Commitment

    Viefontein Voerkraal’s commitment is to ensure that our clients get the best value for their livestock by using the most specialized technology, people, care and commitment to guarantee that each livestock is truly performance driven.