Myburgh Groep was once part of Myburgh Eiendoms Trust, founded by Dudley and Sonette Myburgh.

The Myburgh Groep was established in 2015 and is a diverse and dynamic farming operation with the primary focus being on Maize, Sunflower and Sugar Beans yielding.

Myburgh Groep is known for their widely spread of lands in the Northern Free State.

Myburgh Groep distributes its harvesting to nearby silos, where after the silos manage the logistics in order to reach the right points.

What We Do

Myburgh Groep is harvesting Maize, Sunflower and Sugar Beans, making it a vast farming operation.

Our success of harvesting the above depends on a variety of factors to sustain the production. These factors include the soil, fertilisation, weed, insect and disease control.

Quality is just as important to us as quantity,

therefore here at Myburgh Groep we guarantee that the right procedures occur as well as working with the right people and quality machinery to ensure that we deliver A-Grade crops.

Our Projects and Timelines

Here at Myburgh Groep we start our planting season from September through to December.

Harvesting would routinely take place between April and August conditional on the crops progress and weather.

Our crops are vital and are well treated and fertilized during the growing phase.

Once our harvest is done we take great effort to start preparing our soil for the next planting season. It is an ongoing process and one we are proud to say we excel at.

Our Commitment

Myburgh Groep’s commitment is to yield quality crops in order for the distribution channels to source it accordingly to the retailers, this is done through our dedication and devotions to harvest agricultural products of excellence.