Myburgh Eiendoms Trust, founded by Dudley and Sonette Myburgh in 1998

A diverse and dynamic farming operation with the primary focus being on the commercialisation of Bonsmara Cattle and Dhone Merino Sheep.

Myburgh Eiendoms Trust is located on the farm, Bankies, outside Edenville in the Free State on the R34 and is the operating point for the past 19 years to the various farms within the domain of Dudley Myburgh.

What We Do

Myburgh Eiendoms Trust is well-known for their quality breed of Bonsmara Cattle, grazing in areas such as Kroonstad, Edenville, Lindley and Steynsrus.

We also have a large herd of Dhone Merino Sheep for the use of commercialisation. These Merino’s are of top quality and great for potential buyers that wants a sheep that is high in reproductivity and have a high rate of growth in harsh conditions.

Our Projects and Timelines

The cycle of the Bonsmara cattle assists us to determine the best time for cattle to calve, this way we can take greater care of the livestock.

On the 15th of December, we place the Bulls with the cows, and keep the ratio 1:30. Prior to the above we ensure that every bull gets a full medical examined by a specialised vet, to certify that only the best bulls are selected to reproduce.

Throughout the process we control the conditions through the right intake feed and medication. On the 15th of March, we will remove the bulls, and approximately 6-8 weeks subsequent we will conduct pregnancy awareness tests.

From September-November we will be expecting calves. Procedures will then take place as to mark the calves and put them on the Data system. The same procedures are used for the Dhone Merino Sheep, except the Timeline is from the 15th of November to the 20th December.

Our Commitment

Myburgh Eiendoms Trust commitment is to deliver quality livestock, particular to the Bonsmara breed and the Dhone Merino sheep. In doing so, Myburgh Eiendoms Trust can ensure that only the finest selection of Bonsmaras get used for the reproductivity of the Bonsmara Breed in other farming opertaions in Southern Africa, as well as the Dhone Merino Sheep