More and more people are searching for fulfilling relationships. Honest, authentic and loving relations can only exist once you understand that the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.

FRANK is an inspiring community for meeting and connecting with conscious people. FRANK helps you to find and grow your connection with yourself and with others .FRANK organises with EVE social gatherings where you can meet other beautiful authentic people. This can be a friendship, romance or more.

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FRANK focuses on authentic people. FRANK has no tolerance for scammers, spammers and solicitors.

FRANK requires all members to have at least one photo up to allow all members to respond to emails. FRANK reviews and approves each profile and photo before it is displayed.

FRANK’s higher standards may result in fewer numbers for a while, but frankly FRANK cares more about quality then quantity and values friend referrals.

FRANK organises with EVE social gatherings where you can participate as a FRANK member. This can be a movie, a drink, dinner or a workshop.

NO CONTRACT. FRANK is no nonsense, so no contract. You can stop the membership whenever you want.


A FRANK membership costs R50 per month and the first month is for free!

FRANK members can connect and chat with other FRANK members and they have access to interesting articles on the blog. Alongside that, a FRANK member will always get discount on an event organised by FRANK&EVE.

JOIN FRANK and meet other conscious people in a light and FRANK way!