Client Account Management Includes:

  • Creating invoices per month.
  • Managing payments made by each client.
  • Managing overdue payments.
  • Debt collection on overdue payments. Please Note: Debt collection will be handled according to pre-agreed upon methods and processes.
  • Full Creditors Statement on the 15th of every month.


Expense Account Management Includes:

  • Monitoring all expenses by keeping record of all purchases and supplier invoices.
  • Managing all due payments to allow for timely payment of outstanding invoices.
  • Acquiring quotes for services to be rendered.


Administration Function Includes:

  • Handling all client and supplier correspondence, account instructions and requests.
  • Correct and accurate archiving of all documentation, per client as well as per supplier.
  • Effective, timely and accurate correspondence with you concerning the payment status of all client accounts on a monthly basis through comprehensive reports detailing the above mentioned information therefore allowing you as management to effectively handle all debt issues and identify problem areas in regard to budgets laid out.


Payroll Function Includes:

  • Complete payroll management which meets all legislative requirements including UIF, Tax and Leave requirements as set out by Government policies.
  • Professional payslips.
  • Monthly Cost, Leave and EMP201 reports.
  • Annual tax submissions relating to payroll.
  • UIF calculations and submissions.
  • All necessary deductions which include but are not limited to provident funds, medical aid deductions, etc.


Are month end statement runs a nightmare you would rather avoid because you have no idea if the balances and payment history accurately reflects the accounts history?
Do you have an ever increasing mountain of slips and invoices that you just don’t get around to processing?
Are you unable to resolve the open and overdue balances on your age analysis?
Do you doubt whether your last tax submission was accurate?

We offer a backlog processing solution to meet your specific needs.

Processing, creating and maintaining an effective financial system negates all the above mentioned headaches, giving you the freedom and peace of mind to focus on other facets of running your business effectively.


Why spend money on employing extra admin personnel if you can outsource your admin to us?

Admin Outsourcing Function Includes:

  • Data capturing
  • Mass printing and mailing
  • Transcription/ Dictation Services
  • Typing – manuals, tenders, copy typing, books, reports, student assignments
  • and more…

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